• Snowstorm
    0:56 (4:47)
  • Can you hear the Silence (Break the Silence!)
    0:49 (6:30)
  • Re-Birth
    0:26 (6:52)
  • Dust to Dust
    0:47 (4:03)
  • The Future 3000
    0:52 (4:17)
  • Re-Perplexus
    0:53 (4:28)
  • Purification
    0:52 (5:47)
  • Still Hopeless
    0:56 (6:27)
  • PX13 Alpha
    1:00 (4:11)
  • Can you hear the Silence (Break the Silence!)(Soft Remix)
    0:43 (4:49)
  • Dust to Dust (Dusted Trance Remix)
    0:47 (4:03)
  • Re-Birth (CosMix)
    1:22 (5:54)
  • Purification (Enlightened Remix)
    0:55 (3:27)
  • The Future 3000 (Extended 2hard4U Mix)
    0:53 (6:01)

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Boris Mikić (alias Blizzard Borealis alias Blizzard) is a Croatian electronic music producer. Blizzard started with his music at the age of 16 back in 2002. Music was one of his passions so it quickly became a hobby. He learned many things over the years and his tracks became increasingly better up to the point where listeners could not distinguish between his tracks and professionally made tracks by other artists.

Today Blizzard has a Master degree in Science in Computing and works as a game designer while his love for electronic music never faded. He still creates new tracks from time to time after so many years.

At the end of 2009 his album "The Storm is coming" was released the first time across several digital music stores with a re-release in 2011 under the Italian label DOD Rekords. A second album called "Perfect Chaos" was released in 2014.

Genres: Trance, Melodic Trance, Hard Trance, Progressive Trance, Goa Trance
Born: August 4th, 1986
From: Croatia, Europe
Education: Master of Science in Computing

E-mail: blizzard@blizzard-borealis.com